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Événements en Ombrie

Événements Umbria: evénements, festivals, expositions, concerts et festivals en Umbria

  1. 2016 Summer Feasts in Umbria
    De 21/06/2016 à 30/09/2016
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Enogastronomia e sagre  Festival  Folklore  Mostra  Musica  Teatro 
    During the Summer in Umbria, all its towns and villages will become the theater of many events, expecially of festivals called "sagra" dedicated to the traditional gastronomic products of the region.Even the smallest villages, in fact, with a meaningful spirit of cooperation...
  2. 2016 Festival Primi d'Italia
    De 29/09/2016 à 02/10/2016
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Enogastronomia e sagre  Festival  Meeting e congressi  Mercati e fiere  Mostra  Musica 
    Foligno is ready to host the 18° Edition of Primi d'Italia Festival, the famous and unique manifestation that celebrates the culture of first dishes served to the table.From 29th September to 2nd October 2016, the whole city center of Foligno will be involved in many...
  3. 2016 Eurochocolate
    De 14/10/2016 à 23/10/2016
    Type d'événement: Arti e Mestieri  Enogastronomia e sagre  Festival  Mercati e fiere 
    Perugia is the capital city of chocolate, thanks to Eurochocolate Festival that this year will be from 14th to 23th October 2016. A unique experience, where the chocolate is proposed as a product and also as an instrument of knowledge of different worlds and cultures. The...
  4. 2016 Umbria World Festival
    De 07/10/2016 à 06/11/2016
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Festival  Mercati e fiere  Mostra  Musica 
    Foligno is hosting the 2016 Edition of Umbria World Festival on 7th, 8th and 9th October, between photography, music and meetings, to celebrate its 15th year with an intense program rich of events.Through the indissoluble union between art of photography and world of music, the...
  5. Exhibit "Spirit of Assisi"
    De 07/05/2016 à 10/11/2016
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Mostra 
    La città di Assisi inaugura la mostra fotografica "Lo Spirito di Assisi. 30 Anni 1986 - 2016", che sarà aperta fino al 10 Novembre 2016. La mostra ripercorre i principali avvenimenti vissuti dalla città a partire dallo storico incontro per la pace tra diverse religioni...
  6. Extraordinary Jubilee: the Holy Doors in Umbria
    De 08/12/2015 à 20/11/2016
    Type d'événement: Feste religiose 
    The Jubilee of Mercy announced by Pope Francesco has started with the saint celebrations in Roma the last December.This Special Jubilee wanted by the Pope is considered by the historians the 65° of the "Extraordinary Jubilees", so called because they were organised by the...