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Événements en Ombrie

Événements Umbria: evénements, festivals, expositions, concerts et festivals en Umbria

  1. 2017 Spello Film Festival
    De 25/02/2017 à 05/03/2017
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Arti e Mestieri  Cinema  Concorso  Festival  Mostra  Musica 
    From 25th February to 5th March 2017, there will be the Film Festival of Spello and Umbrian Towns, an unmissable appointment for all the cinema lovers.In fact this Festival was created in 2012 with the aim to promote film culture in all of his forms and also to enhance and get...
  2. 2017 Strasimeno Ultramarathon
    De 04/03/2017 à 05/03/2017
    Type d'événement: Avventure tempo libero e sport 
    The annual appointment with Strasimeno 2017, at its 16° edition, is coming ! The charming Ultramarathon of Trasimeno Lake Park there will be on Sunday 5th March 2017. Hurry up, you can sign up until the 28th February !>> Take part at this 2017 edition of Strasimeno...
  3. Visioninmusica 2017
    De 20/01/2017 à 21/04/2017
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Festival  Musica 
    From 20th January to 21th April, music becomes protagonist in Terni thanks to the 2017 Edition of Visioninmusica and its rich schedule of shows and artists. At its XIII Musical Season, Visioninmusica combines and offers to its audience imagines and emotions, through the...
  4. Exhibit "Antoniazzo Romano e Montefalco"
    De 11/12/2016 à 07/05/2017
    Type d'événement: Arte e cultura  Mostra 
    Dall’11 Dicembre 2016 al 7 Maggio 2017, il complesso museale di San Francesco di Montefalco ospiterà la mostra "Antoniazzo Romano e Montefalco" nella quale saranno esposte due magnifiche pale d’altare del pittore italiano, tra i principali artisti della scuola...