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Arte e cultura in Umbria

Art et culture

Artistic and cultural points of interest in Umbria

From Perugino to Alberto Burri, from Pinturicchio to Gerardo Dottori: Umbria has created a perfect marriage of art and culture that gave birth to many works that will remain in history and you can visit the many art galleries and museums of the region.

Not only that. Umbria and its territory, thanks to their charm, have over time been able to inspire the great poets and writers of all time: Virgilio, George Byron, Giosuè Carducci, Herman Hesse, and many others.

Bella Umbria offers places of interest in culture and art, with detailed information on times, places and collections to visit.
  1. Il Perugino

    Città della Pieve (PG)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura 
    Pietro Vannucci best known as "Perugino", is considered as one of the most important character in the renascence age and the most representative painter in Umbria of the XVth century. We can see in...
  2. Le Mariage de la Vierge

    Città della Pieve (PG)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura 
    The first work that was signed by Raphael is The Marriage of the Virgin. The young painter from Urbino who at the time is only twenty years old, takes inspiration from the work with the same name of...
  3. Narni et Terres de Narnia

    Narni (TR)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura 
    The roar of the Great Aslan, the lion, has finally reached the Umbrian Narnia. The old town of Naharna (i.e. "Land of rivers", according to an Indo-European root) overlooks the valley from its...
  4. Obélisque Lancia di Luce

    Terni (TR)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura 
    The brilliant intuition of the work is anterior of ten years to the final realization, completed in 1995, after a long series of problems and bureaucratic difficulties. The Obelisk Lancia di...
  5. Les lieux de Narnia

    Narni (TR)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura 
    Amongst the several similarities between C.S. Lewis' Narnia and the actual Umbrian Narni we can find a castle, overlooking the valley from the top of the hill: the imposing Albornoz Fortress...
  6. Basilique de Sainte Claire d'Assise

    Assisi (PG)
    Typologie : Arte e Cultura  Religione e Spiritualità  Storia e Archeologia 
    The Basilica of St. Clare of Assisi, realized with the typical pink stone extracted from the quarry of the Subasio mountain, contains precious frescos dating back to the period from the XIIth to the...