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Sant'Anatolia di Narco

HABITANTES: santanatoliesi
DíA DE FIESTA: 09 luglio
PATRONO: Sant'Anatolia

The small town of Sant'Anatolia di Narco is situated on the banks of the Nera river, at 328 meters above sea-level. This pleasant village, whose main industry is agriculture has become a summer tourist resort.

The town's origins have not been well documented, but the presence of the Etruscans during pre-roman times is certain. Dating back to this period are pottery artifacts and funeral ornaments, which are presently exposed in the Archeological Museum at Florence. The present-day structure of the village is for the most part medieval, the town being surrounded by 14th century town walls dominated to two mighty towers of the 15th century. The 13th century Castle is the medieval town's heart. The Parrochial church of St. Anatolia contains an impressive cycle of 13th century frescoes.

The oratory of St. Mary delle Grazie, which dates back to the end of the 16th century, and as the first church contains frescoes of various periods, should also be mentioned. In the vicinity of Sant'Anatolia you may visit the medieval village of Castel San Felice, with its Parrochial church of the same name, a real jewel of the Umbrian Romanic style. A rose window and two windows, each with two lights, made of Nera stone, open up in its facade. Inside the church at the end of the single nave, an apsis is to be found, while the transept and the altar are posed on the crypt which is to be found below, and which, in a sarcophagus, contains the remains of the Saint.

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