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Basílica De San Benito

Basílica de San Benito

  • Religion y Espiritualidad
Dirección: Via Morone, 2 - Gualdo Tadino
Teléfono: (+39) 075 9108126


The cathedral of St. Benedict is the most important church in Gualdo Tadino, and it dominates the main square, with its rose-window, which for long time has been the symbol of the town.

In 1875 due to the increase of the population in the town the works for enlarging the church keeping the same romanic-longobard style, started. The history of the abbey of the New St.Benedict, that called to dintinguish it from the other situated at the slope of Sant'Angelo hill,start as it is reminded by a grave on the church: A.D.MCCLVI.TPE.G.ABBATIS. H.CENOBIU. E.TRASLATU. IN. GUALDO. 

Athough the inside has been rebuilt recently, the doors and the rose-window, on the main facade, remain a beautiful example of sculpture into the twisted columns with capitals. Inside there is a chapel dedicated to the Beato Angelo where the rests of this Saint from Gualdo, whose feast is celabrated the 15th of January are burried. Remarkable the works of Avanzino Nucci(1552,1629) stared in St.Benedict and the remarkable altar dating XIV centur, realized by Guglielmo Ciani da Perugia. At one side of the entrance there is the fountain of Antonio Sangallo the old, of remarkable beauty, on which center there is evedient the logo with the insignias of Boldovino Ciocchi del Monte, amployee of Cardinal Legato Antonio Ciocchi del Monte.