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Città Della Domenica

Città della Domenica

  • Naturaleza y Medio Ambiente
Dirección: Via Col di Tenda - Perugia
Teléfono: +39 075 5054941


Città della Domenica, the first amusement park of Italy, covers an area of over 40 acres along a hill overlooking the city of Perugia and offers visitors a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful Umbrian countryside.

It is the proper place for families and people of all ages who can visit it by feet or aboard the little train, which makes a complete tour of the park stopping along our most popular attractions: the Farm of Old Trades, the Village of Pinocchio, the Far West, the Canyon of the Raptors.
At Città della Domenica you can find deer, mouflon and squirrels roaming free among the trees.

Walking inside the woods you will find many species of birds that will accompany you with their songs. In wildlife area, enclosures with many animals: kangaroos, bisons, yak, reindeers, ostriches, antelopes, as well as the funny mara, Patagonian hares.

Along the way the children can relive the most beautiful fairy tales of our childhood: you will find the Village of Pinocchio, the home of Little Red Riding Hood, the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the cottage from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Just outside the park you can find the Darwin Tower and the Reptile Zoo, one of the most provided in Europe, in which were recreated habitats for alligators, caimans and giant snakes.


  • Perugia - Via Col di Tenda, 140


  • Zoological routes, aquarium, games for children and adults, entertainment.
  • Bar, restaurant, pic-nic area .