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Lago Trasimeno

  1. Castiglione del Lago

    Castiglione del Lago Castiglione del Lago has been constructed on a limestone cliff cape on the east side of the Trasimeno Lake. Etrurians were probably the first to occupy this area, as confirmed by the findings of tombs in the area.After the Roman occupation, the village belonged respectively to the marquis of Tuscany, to the abbey of S.Germano from Campoleone, to Perugia, to the Duke Della Corgna until 1647,... Detalles
  2. Città della Pieve

    Città della Pieve It is supposed that, already Etrurians and Romans, had established at the same place where today Città della Pieve rises. This characteristic village was touched by the events of the medieval history, and indeed, a number of masters had the control of the town until when Clement VII placed it under the direct control of the Church. At the center of the village, still today encircled to a good... Detalles
  3. Magione

    Magione The name of Magione, which was first mentioned in 1075, derives from the Castle of the Knights of Malta, i.e Magione.Today this building rises in the middle of modern urban center, and is characterized by a square plant with circular towers and a courtyard on which, on the three sides, three overlapped loggias appear. The current structure is however the result of a widening of the preexisting... Detalles
  4. Paciano

    Trasimeno_Paciano_panorama borgo Paciano was founded around the XIV century, on a spur of Monte Petrarvella. Its origins are still today very well testified by the town-walls with towers and access doors and by the Tower of Orlando: a ruin of a more ancient village few kilometers away from the town.The church of S.Carlo is characterized by an elegant door dating back to XVII century. It accommodates, among the paintings of... Detalles
  5. Panicale

    Trasimeno_Panicale_panorama_lago Panicale, as it is the case for most of the villages of the region, still maintains a medieval aspect due typically to the remains of the old town-walls and the fortified doors.Although the church of the Madonna of the Slabs and that one of S. Augustin are by far remarkable buildings, the main attraction of the village has to be found in the magnificent views one can benefit on the Trasimeno Lake... Detalles
  6. Passignano sul Trasimeno

    Passignano sul Trasimeno The most ancient nucleus of Passignano sul Trasimenois still today encircled by the middle age walls which testify the development the center underwent during the Roman Empire, evolving from a small agricultural village to a castle, which, after the Lordship of Uguccione II in the 917, was constantly aimed at by Arezzo, Perugia and Florence.Not very many historical buildings are left in the... Detalles
  7. Piegaro

    Piegaro The village of Piegaro rises among forests of oaks on top of a hill along the oriental side of the Nestore torrent valley. The development that the center had in middle ages for merit of some glass work masters from Venice who started here a flourishing activity, is obvious from the remains of the walls and the defensive towers. The city today offers the possibility to get inside the green of... Detalles
  8. Trasimeno

    Veduta del Lago Trasimeno Miniguida del Lago Trasimeno Il Trasimeno, con una superficie di 128kq, è il quarto lago italiano per estensione ed il più grande dell'Italia centrale. Il Trasimeno è uno dei gioielli naturali più belli dell'Umbria: la campagna circostante che incornicia la superficie del lago crea panorami mozzafiato tutti da scoprire, così come i numerosi borghi che si affacciano sulle sue rive...    ... Detalles
  9. Tuoro sul Trasimeno

    Tuoro sul Trasimeno Tuoro sul Trasimeno rises exactly where the battle of the Trasimeno between the army of Rome and that of Cartagine leaded by Hannibal was carried out. The foundation of the village is, however, much more recent, as the first testimonies of the village date back to the XIV the century. In the outskirts it is interesting to visit Ranieri Castle, which belonged to the family of the Montemelino,... Detalles

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