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Hotel Narni

Hotel Narni: hoteles a Narni

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  1. Dei Priori

    Narni, Terni - Tipología: Hotel ***
    Dei Priori 3 Star Hotel, situated in the main square of Narni, made out of a 15 th century building renovated by means of an excellent blending of old and modern decoration. The Hotel has 17 rooms and 2 suites, all equipped with facilities such as color TV, FM radio, bar fridge and with every comfort offered by the 3 star category. On the ground floor...
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  2. Terra Umbra

    Narni, Terni - Tipología: Hotel ****
    Terra Umbra Situado en los límites de la Narni medieval un Hotel elegante y tecnológicamente a la vanguardia. Una isla de reposo y tranquilidad, desde la que se puede llegar fácilmente a los lugares clásicos de la cultura y del arte.
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