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Exhibit 'aurea Umbria. Una Regione Dell'impero Nell'era Di Costantino' ('aurea Umbria. A Region Of The Empire In The Era Of Constantius'), 2012

Exhibit 'Aurea Umbria. Una regione dell'Impero nell'era di Costantino' ('Aurea Umbria. A region of the Empire in the era of Constantius'), 2012

Spello de 29/07/2012 a 09/12/2012
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e ancient Hispellum, today Spello (PG), was awarded of the Flavia Constans title (Rescritto, edict, of Spello) by Constantius Chlorus to the loyalty shown by the city to the family of the Roman emperor who reigned from 306 to 337 AD, the year of his death.
Constantius I, in addition to officially put an end to all religious persecution and proclaiming the neutrality of the Empire against any faith, that the equalization of Christianity to the pagan cults by the Edict of Milan (Edict of Tolerance) of 313, revitalized the Empire reorganizing it in terms of institutional, economic and social. Delaying the fall.

And the exhibit "Aurea Umbria. Una regione dell'Impero nell'era di Costantino" (“Aurea Umbria. A region of the Empire in the era of Constantius”), from July 29th to December 9th, 2012 at the Palazzo Comunale of Spello, describes the life of the Green Heart of Italy in the period from the third to sixth century AD. Curated by writer and historian Valerio Massimo Manfredi, the exhibition will illustrate an “aurea” (golden) late ancient age, prosperous, where the pagan cults gradually gave way to Christian ones, often becoming one with politics as the worship of the emperor and of his family.

In addition to copies of official art such as portraits, dedications and milestones, you will find objects of the luxurious life of the aristocracy of the time as mosaics and furniture, but also witnesses and documents from the middle class and the peasantry.



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