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2018 Easter In Umbria

2018 Easter in Umbria

Spello, Assisi, Gubbio, Montefalco, Città della Pieve, Ferentillo, Baschi, Terni de 18/04/2019 a 22/04/2019
Tipo de evento:
  • Art and Culture
  • Comida, el vino y las fiestas
  • Fiestas religiosas
  • Festività nazionale


This year, the Holy Week of Easter will be from 13th to 178th April 2017. While Spring is being revived, with the show of a blooming nature and long, sunny days, also Umbria is being revived... ready to give you a unique holiday.

You can not only explore the region and fully enjoy its natural beauties, but also live the appointments with the many Umbrian traditions of Easter, all to discover!

In this article about 2017 Easter in Umbria, we are proposing a review of the major religious celebrations, in update, and then we will talk about 3 original events not to be missed.


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Easter in Umbria: religious events

  • Assisi

Participate in traditional religious rituals of Easter is surely an intense spiritual experience. On Holy Thursday in the St Rufino Cathedral, there will be the "Scavigliazione", that is the deposition of crucifix.  On Friday in the morning, there will be the procession to transfer the Dead Christ till the St Francis Cathedral, while in the afternoon in the Church of St Maria Maggiore there will be the "Three Hours of Agony".
On Friday in the evening, the city will be lighted by the glow of many torches and there will be the suggestive Procession of Confraternities, followed by the Watch and, later, by the Mass into the Cathedral.
On Easter Sunday, there will be many religious rituals to celebrate the Resurrection, throughout morning and until afternoon.

  • Gubbio

The evening Procession of Gubbio is a symbolic reenactment of the Passion of Christ of a great suggestion, for a tradition of the city dating by the XIII century.
Organized by the "Santa Croce della Foce Confraternity", the parade is opened by men wearing with burlap dresses who play the "battistrangole" (wood instruments played alternately on every side from iron handles, that create a dull and lugubrious sound). Other men bring the skull that represents Golgota, in Hebrew the place of Crucifix, and the symbols of Passion. The rhythm of the instrument breaks the silence of the city, giving more pathos to the procession.
Then there are the simulacrum of Dead Christ and grieved Virgin Mary, precious statues of wood made by local crafts, followed by cantors that sing the notes of the penitential song "Miserere". The Procession goes through the main streets of the city, starting from the St Domenico Church in Giordano Bruno Square, and there will be many great fires during the path. Fires and lights, symbol of purification and of request of forgiveness to God, make even more suggestive the Holy reenactment.

  • Marmore

A grandeur and a great scenic impact for the reenactment of Christ Crucifix in Marmore, on Friday 14th April at 9 pm. Guests, together with about 100 actors of every age, wearing ancient costumes, can take part of the manifestation that starts in the center of Marmore and arrives to the Parco dei Campacci.
Some theatrical tricks in an intimate, real environment, with nature and architecture, light, twilight, a dark almost sacred, creates that evocative harmony of colors and lights that is intense to the viewer, enhanced by appropriate musics that will make even more impressive all the way.

  •  Spello

XVII Edition of the Via Crucis d'Autore, on Friday 14th April at 9 pm in Spello. On Holy Friday, the city will be the scenery of an impressive religious itinerary, where to discover the art of many painters among squares and streets of the historical center.
The 14th stages of Via Crucis will be the inspiration of national and international artists. For this occasion, they will realize works in many points of the city, transforming Spello in a great art gallery. To stay in front of the paintings, listening the religious messages, is a unique moment of spirituality, emotion and participation.

  • Gualdo Tadino

Historic procession that re-evokes the scenes of the Passion of Christ, with the background music of many sacred hymns of the XIII century

  • Montefalco

Solemn Via Crucis to the Madonna della Stella Sanctuary

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What doing for Easter in Umbria: some original ideas

  • Città della Pieve - Quadri Viventi

On Sunday and on Monday of Easter, this year on 16th and 17th April, the appointment with the suggestive Quadri Viventi (literally "Living Paintings") resumes in Città della Pieve. In the scenario of the undergrounds of the Palazzo Orca, in fact, it is organized by Terziere Borgo Dentro the traditional representation about Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, involving about 40 participants.
Each room re-enacts a scene from the life of Christ, in particular The Last Supper, the Garden of Getsemani, the Ecce Homo, the Flagellation, the Pietà on the Dead Christ, the Resurrection. The scenes, made particularly captivating with a scrupulous historical reenactment, find inspiration in the examples of the Italian painting tradition, especially of the sixteenth and seventeenth century.
Crossing the threshold of the undergrouds, the visitors will face with an extraordinary and unreal scenario, and they will be transported in a mystical path full of special emotions.


  • Pietralunga -  "Tocciata" Game in the square

On Easter Monday, that this year is on 28th March, Pietralunga celebrates with boiled eggs. In the main square of the city, an ancient game of the Umbrian tradition will revive, the game of "Tocciata". The players will be in a circle, each with his own boiled egg, and in turn they will beat their egg on the opponent egg: the player who remains with the intact egg continues the tour, the other is deleted. In the past, the tradition dictated that the winner could bring home all the eggs of the opponents defeated! The game is suitable for young and old, and a small corner will be organised to allow children to paint the eggs as they once did. 

  • Ferentillo - "Lu Ciuccittu" Feast

The traditional event reaches this year his 45th edition. In addition to the tasting of local food and wines, from the oil to the omelette with cheeses and truffle, also here you can fun with the typical game with eggs. It is an ancient country custom, that dates back to the Easter period when there was a kind of "egg hunting" and then they prepared the typical Easter PIzza, more good as more eggs there were inside it. The game that will revive on the occasion of the celebration consists about beating the two eggs, tip against tip: the victory will be of those who preserves his egg. In the town, informations stands and spaces will be setted, where you can buy eggs and play, let's try it!

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  • Civitella del Lago - Mostra e Concorso Ovo Pinto

Every year in this small medieval village is organized the "National Show and Competition Ovo Pinto", which re-evokes the ancient tradition of paintings the eggs during the Easter period. Time to creativity and imagination, with artists or not that can present their creations, testing themselves with the forms and the techniques most exceptional.

Since 2005, the city has hosted also the Ovo Pinto Museum, with the exhibition of thousands of painted eggs, of all shapes and colors.

For more informations, look at our page about the Ovo Pinto Museum and read our article about the 2017 Edition.


Bella Umbria Staff wishes you a Happy Easter 2017