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2017 Umbria Green Festival

2017 Umbria Green Festival

Terni de 04/10/2018 a 07/10/2018
Tipo de evento:
  • Art and Culture
  • Festival
  • Reuniones y conferencias
  • Música

Teléfono: +39 075 8749298, +39 345 0186620


In Terni on 23th, 24th and 25th September 2016, discover the first Green Festival of Umbria ! 

Live a special weekend dedicated to the sustainability and the green economy ! You will know important issues related to the preservation and the enhancement of the environment. You will be also part of magical evenings thanks to the scheduled performances.

The festival will host some exceptional artists:

  • Roberto Vecchioni, in concert on Friday 23th September at 9pm
  • Jacopo Fo, son of the Nobel Prize Dario Fo and Franca Rame, on Saturday 24th September at 9pm
  • The show of the musicians of Francesco Guccini, in concert on Sunday 25th September at 9pm

Umbria Green Festival is an event to live with your families: many appointments are especially designed for children, because the importance of respecting the environment is a value to be learned from an early age.

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The 2016 Edition of Umbria Green Festival focuses on sustainability as the hub of a new economy, to be disseminated and supported. The new horizon proposed intends to rely on a quality production, as well as on the enhancement of the territory and the landscape, promoting a lifestyle more conscious. A lifestyle capable of protecting from pollution and from indiscriminate consumption of resources our world, and especially our Umbria, not surprisingly known by the nickname of "green heart of Italy".

The event is a meeting point between companies and consumers, with the aim of making both of them always more attentive to the quality and the sustainability of production processes and their products. In fact, the participants of the festival are the best accommodation facilities affiliated to the Community of Umbria Green Card, tourist associations, travel agencies and incoming business associations of the region, the virtuous companies of the energy and environment sectors.

With so many meetings, discussions, workshops and performances, the festival will create a collective experience, a real feast for citizens and families between fun, knowledge and culture.

This is why a special attention will be dedicated to youngest, with shows and events especially thought for children.


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Here it is the PROGRAM of Umbria Green Festival, which will take place at the park "La Passwggiata" and at the Roman Amphitheatre of Terni.

The entrance at the festival is free, while there are paid admission tickets for the evening events.

Buying the annual card of the Festival, you will also obtain a guide tour with the car, tastes of good wines, tea, herbal tea or organic products at Km 0 in the dining area at discounted prices. In addition, you will enjoy all year of many discounts about affiliated facilities in Umbria (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc ...)


16:00 Opening Festival
16:00-00:00 Opening Area Refreshments

16:00 Church of the Carmine
UMBRIA GREEN FESTIVAL PRESENTATION , with the participation of authorities and institutions

20:00 Roman Amphitheatre Gardens

21:00 Fausto Amphitheatre



10:00 Opening Festival
10:00 - 24:00 Opening Area Refreshments

10:00 to 13:00 Church of the Carmine
Presentation of projects related to tourism and environmental sustainability by institutions and companies. Educational meetings aimed to the press.

15:00 to 18:00 Gardens Area
Laboratory of Environmental Energy Chemistry with Einstein Island

16:00 Church of Carmine
Round Table "From the Music of Mogol to the Green Cinema: a new culture for sustainability" with Mogol, Karl Ludwig Shibel, Marco Gisotti, Gabriele Salari, Simonetta Blacks

16:30 Children Area
Performance with Matthew Cionini, "From here I go not" freely adapted from "Il Barone Rampante" by Italo Calvino. Afterwards, Teatro La Fonte Maggiore presents "The Three Little Pigs"

19:00 Amphitheatre Area
Recycled Circus Musical in concert. The "Rcm" using recycled materials and everyday objects to build instruments of all kinds, from the classic and contemporary as cassettarra, bassolardo, buzzeria, to the more traditional-ethnic as stirofon, sgambé or barattolao, up to the creation and invention of new tools such as medusa and lavandaizer.

21:00 Fausto Amphitheatre
Jacopo Fo on stage



10:00 Opening Festival
10:00 - 24:00 Opening Area Refreshments

10:00 Church of Carmine
Conference "Electric Mobility: green heart of Italy" with Jacopo Fo, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Sergio Ferraris, Roberto Romano, Michele Dotti

10:00 Gardens Area
Rally Electric Cars

10:00 to 12:00 Area Children
Laboratory Bittarelli: children will make mosaics with legumes and cereals, to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating

13:00 Children's area
Laboratory of Saltapanchi Company "The City of Dreams": we give life to a splendid city, seen through the eyes of children, creating an installation that speaks of urban beauty and open minds to the imagination. By the creative "re-use", children are made aware of the use of materials considered at the end of their cycle, through a manipulative-creative process to promote environmental awareness that can transform the waste into a resource.

17:00 Former Church of Carmine
"Dream and be awake! I was changing the world ... and I forgot the pot on the fire": a meeting between words, musics and images on the possible choices to protect environment, peace and human rights, create jobs and improve our quality of life. With Michele Dotti

16:00 Exhibition area
Saxopedia in concert

18:00 Children's area
Teatro La Fonte Maggiore presents "All History in one go" by R. Coats

19:00 Amphitheatre Area
Aperitif with music green

21:00 Fausto Amphitheatre
Musician of Francesco Guccini in live concert

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For more informations about the event, look at the official site of Umbria Green Festival

For buying tickets about the events of the festival, lool at the TicketItalia site