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2015 Palio Dei Terzieri

2015 Palio dei Terzieri

Città della Pieve de 12/08/2019 a 25/08/2019
Tipo de evento:
  • Art and Culture
  • Comida, el vino y las fiestas
  • Folklore
  • Mostrar
  • Música
  • Recreaciones históricas y torneos
  • Teatro


Città della Pieve (PG) is eagerly awaiting his 2012 Palio dei Terzieri, from August 8th to 19th, 2012.
The term Terzieri indicate those towns, many of them are in Umbria as Trevi, Narni and Spello, divided into three districts. The subdivision, of the Middle Ages, makes Città della Pieve seem, from the urban point of view, an eagle: the head corresponds to the Terziere Castello (Castle) or Classe dei Cavalieri (Class of the Knights); the belly the Terziere Borgo Dentro; the wing-tail the Terziere Casalino or Class of the Pedestrians. And the Terzieri were well defined from the point of view of the rank, too, as represented three distinct social classes. In fact, the Terziere Castello was composed by members of the aristocracy, Borgo Dentro the bourgeoisie and the peasants of the Terziere Casalino.

The day of the Lancio della Sfida (Launch of the Challenge), August 15th, 2012 starting at 17:30 at Piazza Plebiscito, the Pallium is returned from the winner Terziere of the last edition, the Casalino (it was also in 2010), in the hands of the Podestà (similar to a modern Mayor) of Castel della Pieve. Up to August 19th will be kept in town, from where it will be released only on the day of the Caccia del Toro (Hunt of the Bull), a challenge in the art of archery, to appear in the grand historical procession preceded by the gonfalon of the town.

The culmination of the 12-day celebration is, indeed, August 19th, 2012. From 17:00 and from Piazza del Plebiscito starts the Corteo Storico, with over 800 participants. Follow it the Maestro di Scena (Stage Director), the Portagonfalone (Flag-Ship), the Armati del Comune (Armed Municipality), the Giudici di Campo (Back Judges) and an allegorical float, by Classical inspiration. Whole works among jugglings, skill games and Renaissance music. The parade arrives at the Campo de li Giochi, the Campo di Santa Lucia, the ground for the Caccia del Toro.
Inspired by the ancient Sienese “Cacce” (Hunts: Città della Pieve, rebellious to the Papal States for centuries, was very in tune with Siena, ed), the Palio is a challenge of archery. Each Terziere has 3 participants, each with 3 arrows. The targets to center are three mobile targets with the appearance of a Chianina bull, mounted on a carousel. Every target has the colors of the corresponding Terziere. 3 are also the throwing rounds. Small particular: at each change of round increases the speed of the targets, which makes them even more difficult. Who will do the most points, wins. The prize, the Pallium, is a beautiful painted tapestry, by the Pievese master Antonio Marroni.

Throughout the duration of the Palio there will be moments of drama, music, juggling but, above all, wiil be in function the characteristics Taverne of the Terzieri, where you will can taste specialties of the traditional Umbrian - Tuscan cuisine.

Fabrizio Galeazzi