bambole porcellana

Muñecas de porcelana


Ceramic figurine painted ceramics

The porcelain dolls and ceramic figurine and the painted porcelain, are representing the true techniques in the working of Italian earthenware and artistic ceramics. In fact, the porcelain distinguishes itself from the earthenware and from the largest category of ceramics, by the fact that it is a material with vitrified paste, impermeable and translucent, with a thin granular structure, perfect to realize artistic works, such as dolls, but also china and refined objects for the house. The porcelain dolls are, nowadays, searched as objects of collection; above all in the United States, where this kind of earthenware counts numerous admirers and producers of ceramic figurine statues. In Italy, the painting of porcelain, the realization of dolls and small ceramic statues, finds a great diffusion and reaches really good results. The use of precious earthenware, and of techniques of painting on porcelain traditional ( colors at third fight, essence of turpentine, ) as well as modern (use of soft oil in order to allow the shading of the colors between themselves), makes it possible to realize on the artistic ceramics fine ornaments of classical style and at the same time particular representations of the ethnic and regional taste.


Painted ceramics

The small ceramic figurine and the porcelain dolls are completely handmade, in an absolute handicraft way and with the use of earthenware of first quality; the reproductions of antique artistic ceramics are realized according to the original technique: gluing of the porcelain in the moulds of plaster, buffing of the body once taken out of the mould, cut of the eyes, cooking in oven and painting.

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