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Amelia y alrededores

  1. Alviano

    Alviano Alviano is a middle age village sourrounded by green hills and dipped in a surrealistic but rocky atmosphere at the same time. Its history starts with feudalism. Alviano was named Feud in 933 under the latin name of Albianum, by the count Offredo, belonging to the family of emperor Ottone III.His dynasty dominated untill the time of the crusades, in which also Bartolomeo from Alviano... Detalles
  2. Amelia

    Amelia The town of Amelia lays on the top of a rocky hill on whose land, olive and ilex threes grow all around, only interrupted by the river Tevere.The histoy of Amelia is as old as legend is.The enormous town walls date the VI century b.C.: originally formed by huge bricks, they have been modified during roman era and middle ages. To notice, in this respect, the Roman Door.Today Amelia is a dynamic... Detalles
  3. Attigliano

    Attigliano Attigliano is located close to the river Tevere. Its history is old and rich. Its name comes from the latin word Ad Tilium, meaning throughout countries with plenty of limes. During the etrurian age the town was already thriving, but it is during the middle ages that the town had the most glorious period. At this time a powerful castle, whose towers are still preserved, was constructed for... Detalles
  4. Avigliano Umbro

    Avigliano Umbro Avigliano Umbro is just few km away from Amelia. The income to the town is through Porta Vecchia, one of the most remakable artistic examples of the town, still with the symbol of the big eagle holding two smaller eagles, image of Todi commun, whichh for a long time had control over the town.The church of Sant'Egidio, of romanic style, is the oldest example of religious architercure of the... Detalles
  5. Giove

    Giove The map of the village of Giove is not due to a presumed temple or cult of the God Giove (no temple has been found even if the cult of the divinity was very spread in all the Lazio region) but to the Latin word "jugum", "vetta" between two valleys, that perfectly fits the geographic location of the village.Of support to this theory, in the maps of the Middle Ages, it was called Juvo or Jugo:... Detalles
  6. Guardea

    Guardea The hystory of Guardea, having originally the name of Guardege, is similar to the other larger villages of the region, like Alviano and Lugnano in Teverina. It has been mainly during the seignioury time that Guardea expanded, under the administration of the family De Guardeja which was living in the castle, said Castello del Poggio. After this family the Monteparte, the Monaldeschi, and the... Detalles
  7. Lugnano in Teverina

    Lugnano in Teverina Laying along the Amerina way, Lugnano in Teverina was created in 600 a.C. by the people of the neighboiring villages in order to protect themseves from the attacks of barbarians before, and Saracenics after.During the middle age, the towns of Amelia, Todi and Orvieto fighted to have the control of Lugnano. After the victory, Orvieto kept the power of Lugnano for very long time.Lugnano in... Detalles
  8. Montecastrilli

    Montecastrilli Montecastrilli origin has to be found during the Annibal life, which passed by here and camped on the "Castrillorum", which in latin means "camping".Before belonging to the papal state, the town was under the power of Todi, and its history was characterised by the fights between the nobles families of Todi all over the 400's. Of the original town, today remain the walls with towers, on which the... Detalles
  9. Penna in Teverina

    Penna in Teverina The Penna in Teverina village of the umbrian country has many similarities with the closest villages of the amerino region. Like for Attigliano, Avigliano e Alviano, several dinasties had the power of the town for all the middle ages and renaissance time. Aimed by both the pope and the town of Amelia , it was finally administrated by the family of the Orsini.Today Penna in Teverina, is a... Detalles

Amelia y alrededores: para ver

  1. Museo Archeologico di Amelia
    Museo Arqueológico de Amelia
    Tipología: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The Archaeological Museum of Amelia is one of the major museums of the city center, currently housed at Palazzo Boccarini, preserved Roman and early medieval archeology, archaeological remains of the...
  2. teatro_sociale_amelia
    Teatro de Amelia
    Tipología: Teatri 
    The Teatro Sociale di Amelia (Rosita Bassini) represents one of the most important cultural centers of the town. At the time of its construction, around the end of 700, we felt the need to create a...
  3. Museo dei capitani di ventura e della civiltà contadina Alviano
    El Museo de los capitanes de la fortuna y el campesino
    Tipología: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    Il Museo dei capitani di ventura e della civiltà contadina è situato nei sotterranei del Castello di Alviano e raccoglie gli strumenti e gli attrezzi agricoli della realtà contadina. Il museo fu...

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