Valentine's Day in Umbria

Why spend your Valentine's Day in Umbria? First, because Umbria, and more specifically Terni,  gave birth to the famous Saint elected as a symbol of love and lovers!

On the occasion of the official celebrations dedicated to Saint Valentine, Terni's Patron and Protector of all lovers, Terni city organizes many events named Eventi Valentiniani . These festivities last for the entire month of February, which is called Valentinian month with an endless series of activities and events, religious, cultural and ... delicious! Do not miss Cioccolentino, 4 days of greedy chocolate tastings , workshops for children, produce stand and the sweet -themed events. On the occasion of the feast of love the city of Terni "is filled with love"!

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Valentine's Day in Umbria is passion, poetry, but also tourism and culture, arts , recreation and relaxation , sports and nature. Choose among the many Umbria Wellness and Spa  the one you prefere and spend a few days relaxing in a timeless atmosphere , admiring the gentle hillsides of Umbria while relaxing in a hot tub ... with your loved one, of course.
And what about the beautiful Historical Mansions and Historical Residences in Umbria? Ancient dwellings in Liberty style, finely restored historical palazzi that guard ancient treasures, relais, abbeys ... and even ancient convents to live an unforgettable experience!

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Not forget Lake Trasimeno and Lake Piediluco with their breathtaking sunsets, very popular destinations  among lovers.

Umbria is a land of love ... make your Valentine's Day a fabulous day!

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