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Narni Underground

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Umbria reserves us an extraordinary beauty hidden: we offer you the opportunity to visit a large number of underground environments with a guided tour in Narni Underground.

You can admire the basement of the Church of San Domenico, where are the remains of a Roman cistern and a cell full of graffiti made by prisoners from the Court of the Inquisition. Even the Church of Santa Maria Impensole built on the ruins of a Roman temple, we reserve the dungeons worth visiting, such as those of the Roman and early medieval large cistern called Lacus, with stone vaults and tanning remains of the floor in opus spicatum.

Features package :

The visit is always accompanied by a guide.

Visiting hours Narni Sotterranea


The package must be booked at least two days before the chosen date, and is still subject to verification of availability. If the conditions of unpredictable events, the conduct of activities may be suspended, without notice, at the discretion of the organization.


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Children from 6 to 14 years € 3