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Favorita Restaurant

Favorita Restaurant

Typology: Restaurant
Via Andrea Costa 18/20 - 06134 - Bastia Umbra (Perugia)
Phone: 075 800 2832


The "Favorita" good food is a staple, around which life on a farm. Because food is shared pleasure, cheerfulness, conviviality. We select with great care and attention to the products that serve our guests. No preservatives, dyes or additives. The earth nostre, grown organically, produce vegetables that taste fresh daily.

With us everything is home made with natural ingredients, from cakes to pasta. And what we do not directly, we commission him to small producers specialized in the area, that we will be happy to recommend to those who want to know. In the kitchen we choose simple and tasteful recipes, that enhance the authentic flavors of the foods. We love to rediscover the taste of memory.



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