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Saint Fermina (firmina)

Saint Fermina (Firmina)

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Saint Fermina (or Saint Firmina, is equivalent) is the Patron Saint of the Sailors, Amelia and Civitavecchia. In Amelia is celebrated on November 24th each year.

Fermina was born in Rome in the 272 AD, daughter of Calpurnio Pisone, prefect of the Eternal City. Converted to Christianity in her early age, at 15 years old she had to flee to escape the persecution of Christians by the Emperors Diocleziano and Massimiano. She sailed along the Tiber to arrive at Centumcellae (modern Civitavecchia). While browsing the ship encountered a violent storm, and legend has it that she was, kneeling and praying to God, to calm it down. The sailors who witnessed the miracle state immediately she was a Saint, protector of sailors. And Patron Saint of Civitavecchia.

A Centumcellae remained two years in a cave, that bears his name (where now stands Forte Michelangelo), and preached the Gospel in the port.
Once she get back on the road, arrived at Amelia (TR), precisely in Luchiano, where she was surprised by persecution and was martyred. His faith was so unshakable that converted one of his executioners, Olimpiade, which will also become himself Patron Saint of Amelia. She died November 24th, 304, and his remains were first buried in secret by the Christians of Amelia, then gathered in 870 and placed in the Cathedral on the Amerini hills. On April 28th, 1647 the Bishop of Amelia donated some relics to the Cathedral Church of Civitavecchia, and since then in the Lazio port is celebrated this day every year.

Even today, thanks to Firmina, Amelia and Civitavecchia are twinned and every year, through the S. Fermina's relay races, 107 km, Amelia - Civitavecchia (April 28th) and Civitavecchia - Amelia (November 24th) will "exchange" the torch that lit the votive candles.

For the programme of the 2012 Feast of St. Fermina click here.

Fabrizio Galeazzi