Hermitage Of San Pietro In Vigneto

Hermitage of San Pietro in Vigneto

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Address: Vocabolo il Monte - Gubbio


The convent, after 1336, following the building of a tower and a fortified edifice, could appear more as a fortress rather than a religious settlement.

In the same period is added to the church, first the hospital for pilgrims, and then the residential apartment structures belonging to the Benedictine monks. There a particular building continuity with the original edifice, so that it is difficult to distinguish and identify the single edifices. Only the belfry and a very small one hole arched window make us guess the presence of the chapel in the north-east corner of the complex.

For the rest, the church, which inside preserves the frescoes of the 15th century, totally confounds itself with the other structures. Not far away from the church, have been found fragments of antique rock works, discovered during the 18th century, which testify of the pre-existence of a small pagan temple.