Foligno Cathedral - Cathedral Of San Feliciano

Foligno Cathedral - Cathedral of San Feliciano

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Address: Largo Giosuè Carducci, 12 - Foligno


The Foligno Cathedral (or Cathedral of San Feliciano), built in the Romanic style during the 12th century, is the city's most important artistic monument; its main facade boasts multiple arches and a small loggia flanked by windows with two lights, while on the larger side which faces the Square you'll find rich decorative elements and evangelistic symbols in abbundance.

In the inside, only the crypt remains of the ancient church, while the three naves, after having undergone extensive modifications already during the 15th and 16th centuries have assumed their present-day appearance according to the plans of Vanvitelli and the intervention of Giuseppe Piermarini. Among the most important works of art in the Cathedral we would like to point out the Chapel of the Sacrament by Antonio of Sangallo the Younger (16th century).