Church Of St. Domenico

Church of St. Domenico

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The St. Domenico Church in Narni, originally the church of St. Maria Maggiore, it is now a place for exhibitions, seat of the municipal library and the historic archives. It has a high tower dating back to medieval times and a facade with two entrances; the principal entrance is decorated with bas-reliefs of the Cross and the Apostlesi, surrounded by a spray of leaves, flowers and birds. In the interior with its three naves divided by columns with round arches, one may admire numerous frescoes; among these, a vault with scenes from the Bible and the Annunciation painted in 1570 by Federico Zuccari, a St. Sebastian and an enthroned Madonna with the Holy Child and angelsi, and many other works of art executed by a Narni workshop. A cosmatesque mosaic is to be admired in the pavement. The apsis dates back to 1600 while the chapels were constructed in 1400. among these, we would like to point out the Gattamelata Chapel (fourth of the right upon entering).

Today the Church has hosted the Paleontological Collection of Prehistoric in Narni

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