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AREA CODE: 0763 POST CODE: 05010
AREA: 14kmq
POPULATION: poranesi
HOLIDAY : 03 febbraio
SAINT PATRON: San Biagio Vescovo

The Porano hill in front of the rock of Orvieto, between Umbria and Lazio, must have been inhabited near or during the Etruscan period given the great number of finds from this age which have been discovered in the surrounding areas. The characterisitic features of the village are, however, typically from the Middle Age as evidenced by its location and by the development of the urban fabric. Just outside the village one can find the Rubello Castle, built in 1200, with its three towers of remarkable architectural value, the Paolina villa, from the 18th Century, with an annexed park, and some Etruscan toumbs from the 4th Century B.C. whose peculiarity is in its frescos.

Highlight - Orvieto neighborhood