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Natura ed ambiente

Nature and environment

Points of natural interest in Umbria

Umbria is known as "the green heart of Italy", and it is thanks to its scenery and its natural excellence that has earned this title, the morphological characteristics of the Umbrian territories make this region unique for the variety of places of high naturalistic interest.

Starting from Valnerina and going up to the High Tiber Valley, Umbria offers a series of suggestive points of interest related to nature and environment that make Umbria is famous all over the world, just mention the Marmora falls and lake Trasimeno.

But this region is rich in many other areas of exceptional beauty as nature reserves, rivers, lakes, mountains, parks and nature reserves; Bella Umbria offersthe most striking points of natural interest with information and insights to know the excellence of this territory.

  1. Calledro Horse riding center

    Narni (TR)
    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    The riding center is located in a nature reserve in the countryside around Narni, on the shores of lake San Liberato and the border between the regions of Umbria and Lazio. The riding school,...
  2. Bike Park Calledro

    Narni (TR)
    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Calledro Farm offers a variety of paths ranging from leisurely family routes to those for more advanced biking pastimes. Paths include simple excursions around the nature reserve, which are suitable...
  3. Città della Domenica

    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Città della Domenica, the first amusement park of Italy, covers an area of over 40 acres along a hill overlooking the city of Perugia and offers visitors a magnificent view of one of the most...
  4. Parco Avventura Activo Park

    Scheggino (PG)
    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Activo Park is the perfect destination for those who love life in contact with nature, sports, and educational activities in the open air, tourists are always looking for new destinations and activities
  5. Parco avventura Nahar

    Arrone (TR)
    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Just 8 km from the waterfall Falls park with adventure trails accessible to all.
  6. Natural oasis of Alviano

    Guardea (TR)
    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    The oasis of Alviano is, with the one in Colfiorito, one of the two natural zones in umbria where fauna e flora are protected. The lake was realised by the ENEL with a barrier, and was officially...
  7. Lago di Piediluco (Lake Piediluco)

    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Piediluco is a picturesque town whose name means "at the foot of the montain". With its appearance which has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages, with its low, small and coloured houses, it is...
  8. Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Falls)

    Typology: Natura e Ambiente 
    Taking the State Road "Valnerina" from Terni, you'll reach the very famous Marmore Waterfalls after only 7 km. This is definitely an absolute must for whoever decides to visit Umbria.