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Perugina Chocolate Museum

Perugina Chocolate Museum

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A journey into chocolate, a must for all gourmands and aspiring confectioners: this is the Perugina Chocolate Museum in the Umbrian city of Perugia. 

Perugia is known - among other things - for being the international capital of chocolate every month of October, during the celebrated festival of Eurochocolate which for 25 years has attracted thousands of visitors. This confectionery vocation does not end with the festival: throughout the year it is possible to visit this particular museum linked to the story of the famous Perugina.

In fact, it is here that the many chocolate products of the well-known brand were first conceived and marketed, first of all the world-famous Bacio Perugina.

Let's now cross the threshold of this paradise of gluttons!


Inside the Museum of Chocolate, Perugia

Perugia is hometown of the historic Perugina, the brand of confectionery products specializing in chocolate all over the world. La Casa del Cioccolato was born at a few kilometers from the historic center,  with the aim of making the history of this industry known and of enhancing what has been in all respects an Italian excellence. Visitors and the curious can approach this universe and breathe first hand the emotions of chocolate!

The Museum spaces are divided into three distinct ambiences:

  • the historic Museum, here the visit begins with birth and stages of the growth of the factory, between history and anecdotes
  • the Chocolate Factory, the visit continues in the laboratory, the heart of confectionery production (compatibly with the production calendar)
  • the Chocolate School, here the visit ends with the opportunity for the participants to try to become master chocolatiers just for one day. During Eurochocolate, keep an eye on the special events that will take place here! During the year, workshops or courses will be organized or reserved by appointment.

All the tours inside the Museum are guided; the complete itinerary lasts about an hour and a quarter. A tasting is included: a sweet moment to be savored!

Icing on the cake, a final stop at the Chocolate House Gift Shop: you will get lost among the shelves to find the most suitable chocolate product as a gift or as a souvenir of the visit. In the well-stocked store, choose from the wide range of Perugina products, you can also take advantage to buy exclusive and / or customized packages.


The visit to the House and the Museum is suitable for children, catapulted into a world of sweetness, and for adults too. Indeed, the experience is a greedy dip in the past and in their childhood, especially for those who were children in the '60s and' 70s. On the traces of the history and the evolution of the factory, they will relive a little ancient world, which has led the production of chocolate from cocoa bean to the millions of Baci now produced daily.

The history of Perugina is linked in particular to a woman, the well-known Umbrian entrepreneur Luisa Spagnoli. It is from her intuition that Luisa chocolate was born in 1922. Always from her, the idea of creating a heart of hazelnut and chopped nougat starting from the scrap of the daily production in the factory. Hence the very famous "Bacio Perugina" was born, which will become a true icon of Made in Italy.

The Perugina chocolate factory was already active in 1907, originally founded as a sugared almond laboratory and soon destined to become a real confectionery industry. The first store will be opened in 1919, followed by the first store in USA in 1939. Production grows and the products are diversified for the following decades, until the acquisition by the multinational Nestlé in 1988. 


Timetables, tickets and informations

Here the opening hours of the Perugina Chocolate House & Museum:

From Monday to Friday, 9.00am / 13.00 - 14.00 / 17.30

Saturday 10.00 / 16.00

(Closed on Sundays and on holidays)

(In June and July: Monday afternoon only by reservation)

The entrance ticket is € 9.00 per person, with discounts for children between 6 and 17 years old, groups of more than 10 people, school children groups, disabled and over 65. Children up to 5 years of age and disabled people enter for free.

In addition to regular openings, La Casa del Cioccolato can be booked as a location for private events: tailor-made courses, special parties, team building or other.