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Terni: Things To Do

What are the best things to do in Terni in a day? Terni " The Italian Manchester " is a city of mainly modern traits that can hide inside pleasant surprises for tourists!

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If you arrive in Terni in Italy by train you will see the Grande Pressa, an impressive monument of 12,000 tons, emblem of the history of Terni and his industry. Another tribute to the work and the industrial zone is the Obelisco Lancia di Luce, which enriches and characterizes the city of the genius of the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. The artistic work, 32 meters high, represents the iron manufacture from raw materials up to the brightness of the finished product.

Terni is also the city of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers all over the world. Its basilica is a popular destination for pilgrimages, and every year takes place the celebration on the 14th of February. Walking through the center you will see the alternation of modern buildings, built after the Second World War bombing, and the more ancient ones. San Salvatore is the oldest monument in the city, a church composed of a circular domed cylindrical, enclosed by arches, perhaps dating from the early Christian period. In the center of Terni there is the San Francesco Church which preserves notable artistic treasures such as the chapel frescoed with scenes from the Heavens Judgement by Bartolomeo di Tommaso.

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The most beautiful complexes in the city belong to the Roman period and are parts of the ancient walls and the remains of the Roman amphitheater. Built in 32. A.D. for orders of Fausto Liberale during the reign of Tiberius the amphitheater could accommodate up to 10,000 people. Currently he is discovered by two thirds of the perimeter, being a part occupied by the Church of the Carmine , immersed in the city park La Passeggiata, where you can stop for a short break in the green before entering the Cathedral. The city's Cathedral , dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta was rebuilt in the seventeenth century.

Things To Do In Terni, Italy

After the cultural tour of the churches, what are the best Things To Do In Terni? Discover the most beautiful corners in Corso Tacito , Old Course , Via Roma, Via Cavour which will take you to admire the traditional places of meeting and shopping surrounded by buildings of great charm. In the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica is located the Town Hall , which was rebuilt in Renaissance style in the late '800 . Europe Square is dominated by Palazzo Spada family residence , an imposing building with two floors and a mezzanine, considered the last work of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger , who died in the city in 1546. Square Tacitus , another cardinal point of the city center , with buildings typical of Fascist architecture and one of the most distinctive landmarks of Terni : the Fountain , the work of two architects Ridolfi and Bean (1932). A huge flagpole alloy steel, made from Terni steelworks , it stands above a circular structure , which gives rise to a layer of water that makes a little jump , reminiscent of Marmore Waterfall . If you had any doubt about what to do in Terni in a day, a visit to this imponenente and extraordinary waterfall, the highest in Europe , is a must!

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What to do in Terni if you like to go to museums ? Surely a visit to the CAOS , which boasts an excellent archaeological collection and a nice museum of modern and contemporary art . If you prefer to stay outdoors, we offer a relaxing stroll along the banks of the river through the pedestrian and cycle path (accessible from Ponte Allende, Roman Bridge and Bridge Carrara ) which allows you to get into a real urban river park where citizens and tourists can practice sports or simply regenerate.

Terni's food, Umbrian cuisine, Italian food

If after you have had a taste of the rich cultural and natural Terni's treasures... we are happy to suggest you what to eat in Terni!

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Terni's bread is made without salt : fragrant and crisp, baked in wood-fired ovens according to ancient methods , whose goodness seems to derive from water quality that enhances the fragrance. Among the first courses of handmade pasta Ciriole are without doubt the most representative of Terni! A mixture of water and flour, cut in the shape of spaghetti and topped with a delicious tomato sauce , garlic , oil and chilli , sprinkled with fresh parsley . If you decide to visit Terni at Christmas time and you wonder what to eat in Terni as a typical dessert, don't miss the Pampepato. Well- balanced blend of 16 ingredients (including walnuts, almonds , pine nuts , chocolate, coffee, candy... ) and the unmistakable harmony of sweet, bitter and spicy.

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