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Storia ed archeologia in Umbria

History and archeology

Historical and archaeological points of interest in Umbria

Umbria is a region rich in historical and archaeological sites that tell the story of a region that over the centuries has seen the passage of different populations, from the most remote places in the region up to the squares of the largest cities, in Umbria, you can find traces of the history and traditions varied.

Since pre-Roman times when the first people, mostly Etruscan, have settled in Umbria until more recent times, every little town or village of this region contains one or more places still untouched by high historical and archaeological value.

Among the most prominent examples include the Fossil Forest in Dunarobba, the Carsulae Archaeological Park and the Roman Theatre of Gubbio: Bella Umbria has selected the major points of historical interest and offers you detailed information about places and times to visit the various tourist excellence.

  1. Castello di Giove - Castle of Giove

    Giove (TR)
    Typology: Storia e Archeologia 
    Built on a high rocky hill, the castle is the large visible fulcrum of the small Umbrian village of Giove, so called for the presence already during the pre-roman era of a temple dedicated to the...