Farm Houses Nocera Umbra

Farm Houses Nocera Umbra: agritourisms, country houses and farmhouse in Nocera Umbra

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    Borgo Castello Panicaglia With its proud hilltop overlooking across the valley, Borgo Castello Panicaglia is located between Nocera Umbra to Gualdo Tadino, where the Via Consolare Flaminia and the road to Assisi entwine and wend their way across Mount Subasio. Elegant and comfortable rooms, suites and apartments, a typical italian cuisine and many facilities, from the...
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  2. La Corte Del Lupo

    Nocera Umbra, Perugia - Typology: Farm houses
    La Corte Del Lupo The Corte del Lupo is an enchanting place where to relax is an art and eat well a rule that no one can escape! The restaurant offers a menu based on natural products derived from organic farm . Here the food is love, seasons and simplicity: love in the preparation of dishes and simplicity in proposing the fruits of seasons.A guarantee...
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