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Lighting Of Gubbio Christmas Tree

Lighting of Gubbio Christmas Tree

Gubbio from 12/07/2017 to 01/07/2018
Type of event:
  • Religious festivals

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Lighting of Gubbio Christmas Tree is coming: 7th December has been a very special day in Gubbio since 1981, when the largest Christmas Tree in the world lighted for the first time. Every 7th December is celebrated by the participation of an organisation or a celebrity that is especially called to turn on the famous Tree and light it. 

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A Lighting from Space

In 2014, Gubbio hosted Pope Francesco to turn on the its Tree. In 2015 it was the humanitarian organisation of Medici Senza Frontiere and last year the city had Save The Children as testimonial. For this 37° edition, Gubbio is living a lighting from space: special guests is being the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. In fact, the lighting of the Tree of Gubbio is dedicated to the science and the technological progress. The astronaut Paolo Nespoli is on board of Iss, that orbits at 37.000 km/h at 400 km of height, and that will be above our sky on the evening of 7th December.

Here the President Lucio Costantini's words about the 2017 lighting of the Tree:

« For us, it is a honor to dedicate the 2017 Tree to the European Space Agency and to the Italian Space Agency, among the most important authorities for their commitment to scientific research. They are a rare example of international cooperation, of sacrifice, of competence, passion and courage, without protagonisms, personalisms and nationalisms».

The official ceremony is being in Piazza Martiri, in the city center of Gubbio, from 6 pm of Thursday 7th December. The Tree of Gubbio will turn on every evening during the Christmas time, until next 7th January.


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Christmas Tree of Gubbio: a record tree

Created and turned on for the first time in 1981, the Chirstmas Tree of Gubbio has entered in the Guinnes Book of World Records as the largest Christmas Tree in the world. The immense tree is achieved by placing some series of illuminations of various types and colors along the slopes of the Ingino Mount, overlooking the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio.

The numbers are indeed impressive: a base of 450 m fading in the medieval walls of the city for more than 750 m of height, until the Cathedral of the Saint Patron Ubaldo, located on the top of the mountain (to give an idea of this, it is approximately the same space occupied by 30 football fields).

An exciting show, in front of which it is impossible to remain indifferent!

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The lights of the Tree of Gubbio: adopt a light!

The Christmas Tree of Gubbio is the promoter of a wonderful initiative especially dedicated to all of you: adopt a light!

By participating in the initiative, each of you can adopt one of the light of the tree at the symbolic price of € 10.00. So, you can dedicated your light to those who are closest to your heart thanks to the dedication "A Light For...". Your dedication will be public and it will be a little but significant demostration of your affection and your feelings. The lights shall be adopted for the annual lighting time of the tree: when they have been all adopted, they will be free again next year for a new adoption.

You can choose the dedication that you prefer, a name or a message. Someone this year is using his light of the Tree of Gubbio for the most important request of his life: in one of the central lights of the tree, you can read "Antonella, do your want to marry me?".


Discover how adopt a light and write your special inscription in the official page