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Festival Of 2 Worlds, Spoleto

Festival of 2 Worlds, Spoleto

from 06/30/2017 to 07/16/2017
Type of event:
  • Art and Culture
  • Dance
  • Festival
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Exhibit
  • Music
  • Theater

Phone: 0743 221689
Fax: 0743 234027


On its special 60th edition, the Festival takes place from 30th June to 16th July 2017. 17 intense days of great entertainment, with over 90 titles and more than 170 curtain openings: opera, music, dance, theater, numerous special events and art exhibits.

The awaited Festival of Two Worlds, one of the most excellent event of the city of Spoleto and not only, confirms its original backbone and its international prestige.

Historically speaking, it has always been a meeting place for different cultures, offers a showcase of excellence to great and emerging artists alike, and is the promoter of new creations.

Under the guidance of Giorgio Ferrara, in his ninth year as artistic director, the Festival of Spoleto has grown immensely, from an attendance of 5,000 in 2007 to 80,000 in 2016. This has contributed to strengthening the focus of the institutions, artists, operators, companies, and the media towards the event that has established itself as a world-renowned event and an occasion not to be missed. These are the words that the artistic director has dedicated to the event this year:

"In the augmenting of worlds and new peoples, the enticement of Beauty, Intelligence and Art
reverberates from the ancient profundity of a past that is still young
which is also commanding not to waver in their defense"

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Events planned

The Festival is opening this 2017 edition with "Don Giovanni" by Mozart, concluding the three-years project dedicated to Mozart/Da Ponte and realized thanks to the Ravenna Festival, the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini of M° Riccardo Muti and the Teatro Coccia of Novara. It is the second of three works written by the composer from Salzburg on libretto of Lorenzo da Ponte, composed between March and October of 1787. A "playful drama in three acts", where Mozart realized a sublime mix of drama and comedy, music and words, reality and invention. With the Direction of Giorgio Ferrara, and the scenes of Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo, the concert is being is being conducted by Jamen Conlon, one of the most popular and versatile director of the contemporary scene.

The closing of the Festival is being entrusted to the great Maestro Riccardo Muti, for the first time in Piazza Duomo in Spoleto (upgrade program soon). Muti is conducting the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, founded by himself in 2004 and composed by young musicians selected by an international jury, among more than 600 musicians from all over the Italian regions.

Between the two dates, a very full calendar of events, among which we will suggest you some ones particularly relevant.

Every day, a Concert of Noon and a Concerto of Evening for a total of 25 concerts, almost all of it dedicated to chamber music. A rich and various program, scheduled by the Music School of Fievole, an international point of reference, which is presenting about 50 young musicians among its students during the Festival to gather, share and witness the beauty. Among the appointments, the Concert of Noon on 12th July with the Noûs Quartet, founded in 2011 at the Lugano Conservatory, with music of Verdi, Quagliarini and Debussy.

In an exclusive Italian premiere, on the night of 8th July in Piazza Duomo, classic music and elettro music is being the protagonist of a unique concert/event: the Scripted Orkestra di Henrik Schwarz is playing together with the Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta directed by Gabriele Bonolis and with the voice of Mario Biondi, among the most important soul singer of Italy.

Spoleto is being also a date of the Summer Tour of Fiorella Mannoia, on stage at the Festival on 13th July, with songs from her last album "Combattente" and songs of her long career and her live repertoire, for a show full of intense and exciting moments.

We suggest you a particular and important night: on 2nd July, the Festival is introducing a moment of reflection and recollection dedicated to the earthquakes that struck the center of Italy. The Festival commissioned to Silvia Colasanti the composition of a Requiem for Voices, Choir and Orchestra which is being carry on by the Orchestra Giovanile Italianaand the  International Opera Choir. In the composition, the latin texts of Requiem are mixed with new texts written by the poet Mariangela Gualtieri in honor of this occasion, with a singing of the death of earthquake that is a singing of hope and gratitude too. Directed by the Maestro Maxime Pascal.

About the dance, on 1st and 2nd July there will be Eleonora Abbagnato in “Il Mito di Medea”, ballet by Davide Bombana with music by Cherubini, Part and Romitelli. The show, freely inspired by the drama of Euripide, is an homage dedicated to the art of the great Maria Callas. On 15th July, Artedanza srl is presenting Roberto Bolle And Friends, with Bolle as dancer and also artistic director, in a powerful instrument of spread of the dance.

The dancers of the Teatro Alla Scala di Milano and of the SimoneArte Dance Company are showing "Una Stanza Viola" of and with Simona Aztori (on 3th July), on a stage that represents a "room" where the shades of life are dancing, using bodies and emotions which come from the movements. Space to the brazilian dance with Grupo Corto, a dance company founded in 1975 from the Brazilian Dance Theater, on stage with a program expressly created for the Festival of Spoleto (7th,8th and 9th July). The show "11 Warrios" is being on stage with the company Jackie Chan's Long Yun Kung Fu Troupe of Pechino, formed by dancers/athlets choosen by the chinese actor, director and athlet Jackie Chan (14th and 15th July), in a performance that is mixing in an extraordinary and unique way, elements of Kung Fu, traditional chinese dance and modern dance.

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Promotions, free admissions and news

Wonderful initiative of the Festival consists in the promotion "Bring an Adult to the Theater", dedicated to children and teenagers up to 13 years old and, moreover, to all high school students residing in Spoleto. Therefore with this promotion kids will "invite" one adult to the theater and the cost of two tickets will be only € 11,00 (limited places subject to availability - maximum 6 shows).

In addiction, there will be a discount of 50% for all the shows for young between 14 and 30 years old (limited places subject to availability).

The Festival will distribute about 5000 special tickets of € 1, reserved to workers with social security cushions (2 tickets for a maximum of 6 shows) and to no-profit organizations with social intents (for a maximum of 6 shows).

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Complete program update, it will be attached as soon as available!