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2013 Fiera Delle Utopie Concrete (2013 Concrete Utopias Fair)

2013 Fiera delle Utopie Concrete (2013 Concrete Utopias Fair)

Città di Castello from 10/18/2013 to 11/02/2013
Type of event:
  • Art and Culture
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Exhibit


Città di Castello is ready to host, for the 21st time, the 2013 Fiera delle Utopie Concrete (2013 Concrete Utopias Fair), event that focuses on the ecological conversion and culture of living together, the "concrete utopias".
Established in 1988 from an idea of the Municipality of Città di Castello and Alexander Langer, aims to be a "Community Sustainability" Upper Tiber Valley and meeting place of experiences and projects different from each other as public administrations, public enterprises and private, science, education, environmental movement, non-governmental organizations, social forces and individuals. No distinction between actors and recipients.

The 2013 Fiera delle Utopie Concrete (2013 Concrete Utopias Fair) will consist of 5 days (18-19, 25-26 October and 2nd November, 2013) and will center on the work in progress for the "Masterplan Città di Castello Smart." A workshop will present a piece of the Plan, namely the reduction of the environmental impact of public events in the city, while three laboratories of the future will be dealt with as many central aspects of the project: Culture and Tourism, Integration and Social Inclusion and Innovation and productivity. A morning will be devoted to the project instead of annual environmental education that the Agency is carrying out concrete Utopias with the Institute Franchetti Salviani Tiber and TV for the development of a Green Newscast "As if the environment mattered."

The events of 2013 Fiera delle Utopie Concrete (2013 Concrete Utopias Fair) will be accompanied by two important initiatives of the city, Altrocioccolato and Truffle Exhibition combining the fundamental theme of sustainable development of the territory. 

For more informations, please consult the official website.