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2012 Tour Of The Spoleto Norcia Old Railway

2012 Tour of the Spoleto Norcia Old Railway

Scheggino, Sant'Anatolia di Narco, Vallo di Nera, Cerreto di Spoleto On 10/07/2012
Type of event:
  • Adventures, leisure and sport

Phone: (+39) 0744 287686, (+39) 380 3088533
Fax: (+39) 0744 287686


On October 7th, 2012 starts from the square of Scheggino at 9:30 the 7th Tour della Vecchia Ferrovia Spoleto Norcia (Tour of the Spoleto Norcia Old Railway), the third and final round (the first two were held in Trentino, Vecia Ferovia dela val de Fiemme, and Sicily, Alcantara il Free Ride della Vecchia Ferovia) of the 7th Bike Tour delle Vecchie Ferrovie (Bike Tour of the Old Railways), the first National Circuit on Disused Railway Tracks in MTB of Italy.

The track of the 2012 Tour of the Spoleto Norcia Old Railway will be slightly different from the previous ones, since you can not reach Borgo Cerreto due to two landslides. It will still be spectacular in any case and will wind for 43.5 km (with the possibility of make an easy one of 23.5 km) tracing in large part, exactly, the disused Spoleto-Norcia railway, including dark viaducts and tunnels (a torch is unavoidable), a climb of 4.5 km with an average gradient of 10% and down through helical tunnels. In addition to Scheggino, the route crosses three other municipalities of Valnerina, that is Sant'Anatolia di Narco, Vallo di Nera and Cerreto di Spoleto.

Along the way there will be refreshments, ambulance with doctor, Protezione Civile's personnel, two pick-ups that open and close the pack, ready to intervene. And guided tours.

All members will then have free entry at the Scheggino's Activo Park, complete with a pasta party (for chaperones entry + pasta party € 9,00). Always at the Activo Park, where will take place the awards ceremony (for draw) with great prizes such as vacations, dinners and gourmet baskets, you can also take showers and wash the bikes.

The race is open to everyone, from FCI card-carrying to the non-members. For children under 14 is required a copy of a valid medical certificate. Of course the helmet will be mandatory, as well as comply with road traffic regulations.

The registration fee is € 18,00 on the day of the event (at the square of Scheggino from 07:30 to 9:00), or € 15,00 in pre-enrollment. In addition to the small discount, with the pre-enrollment will be easier to win the tehnical backpack, which will be delivered to the first 300 registered.

For more information and to pre-enrollment, you can refer to the site and telephone numbers listed above the article.

Fabrizio Galeazzi