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Sagrantino Cup, Balloon At Gualdo Cattaneo

Sagrantino Cup, Balloon at Gualdo Cattaneo

Gualdo Cattaneo, Todi , Trevi von 26/07/2019 Bis 04/08/2019
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From 26th July to 4th August 2019 in Umbria, looking skyward!


Here we are with the annual appointment with the Sagrantino International Challenge Cup and its many hot-air balloons, for a super 2019 edition of one week. The launching sites are also doubling: the Acquarossa Park of Gualdo Cattaneo plus the city of Todi (the south point of Ponte Naia and the north point of Pantalla) already successfully used in the past and re-proposed to enhance the area of flight above the valleys of Sagrantino and Todi.

The teams will be able to choose daily from which base to fly and to refuel: dozens and dozens of colorful hot air balloons will fly up every day, giving a real show that will color the Umbrian skies.

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Hot-air balloons between the skies of Todi and Gualdo Cattaneo

About 100 - 150 hot-air balloons are expected, even a triple number compared to the previous edition, with their crews who coming from all over the world to take part in this unique event, the biggest hot-air balloons gathering in Italy.

The hot air balloons will depart from the spaces of the Acquarossa Park of Gualdo Cattaneo or from Todi at sunrise, at around 7:00 am. The balloons will initially make free flights, to allow the crews to familiarize and to get comfortable with the flight before the actual races. The competition follows the world of sailing boats and of the America's Cup, with three possible flights that will see the winner, who will achieve the highest score, challenge the current holder of the Sagrantino Cup - meaning the crew came out last year - in a single test.


Here the flight program 2019:

Friday 26th. July. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + Todi

Saturday 27th. July. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + Todi

Sunday 28th. July. 06.45 TODI Ist. Competition Flight**

Monday 29th. July. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + Todi

Tuesday 30th. July. 06.45 TREVI

Wednesday 31st. July. 06.45 TODI 2nd. Competition Flight**

Thursday 1st. August. 06.45 TODI 3rd. Competition Flight**

Friday 2nd. August. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + TODI

Saturday 3rd. August. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + TODI

Sunday 4th. August. 06.45 Parco Acquarossa + TODI


Launch fields: Parco Acquarossa: Ponte di Ferro, Gualdo Cattaneo (Pg).

TODI: Aviosuperficie di Pantalla* or Ponte Naia*

TREVI: Cannaiolo


* The Todi launch site will be decided each morning preflight according to wind direction in order to assure the flight will be conducted over the town of todi.

** Only one launch field will be used the mornings reserved for competition flights.

Duration of flights: 60/90 minutes.

Late afternoon flights will be scheduled for those few teams wishing to fly with refueling from 20.00 to 21.00 at TODI Ponte Naia.

Passionate and curious people can go to those area in the morning to admire the hot air balloons... and not only!

Lovers of photography can take part in a special themed photography contest:

 "The beauty, the suggestiveness and the majesty of the hot air balloon flight with all its preparations"

The competition is open to all and will see awarded the best photos that have captured the colors of the balloons in the landscape of Umbria.

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