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Brau1 - 1st Biennale Of Architecture And Urban Restoration, 2011

BRAU1 - 1st Biennale of Architecture and Urban Restoration, 2011

Orvieto, Todi , Assisi von 15/10/2011 Bis 30/10/2011
Art ereignis:
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Starts from Orvieto (TR), October 15th2011 at 10:00 am at the Palazzo dei Congressi, the first Biennale del Restauro Architettonico ed Urbano (Architecture and Urban Restoration Biennale), called BRAU1.

The Restoration Biennial is an exhibition, a cultural event of international and interdisciplinary issues which are addressed, taking into account the aspects of management, technology and economics, conservation and restoration of historic small towns, the monuments, on the proper use of the technologies available and the redevelopment of urban and architectural spaces, without losing sight of the peculiarities and local resources.

It will be more specifically about 350 panels of restoration, plus videos, exhibited at Palazzo del Moro (Orvieto), former church of San Rocco (Orvieto), Palazzo del Gusto (Orvieto), St. Francis (Orvieto), Biblioteca Fumi (Orvieto), Santa Vediana (Florence), Cantine Storiche del Vino (Montepulciano, in the Siena's province).

As mentioned earlier, will be 4 main themes of this BRAU1, which in turn wind into sub-themes:
A) Maintenance of permanent historic towns;
B) Restoration of Monumental Complex;
C) Strategies for the reappropriation of abandoned buildings located in urban and extra-urban centers; industrial archeology;
D) Working on the modern architectural heritage.

The closing ceremony will be in Florence on October 28th2011, from 10:00 at the Aula Magna Rettorato. The exhibit will not end with the closing ceremony of Florence, but will be open till October 30th, 2011.
The Biennale of Architecture and Urban Restoration is an international and interdisciplinary cultural event promoted by CICOP - Italy with the support of the CICOP World Federation (International Centre for Conservation of Architectural Heritage).