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2012 Il Sentiero Di Francesco (the Path Of Francis)

2012 Il Sentiero di Francesco (The Path of Francis)

Assisi, Valfabbrica, Gubbio von 01/09/2012 Bis 03/09/2012
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From September 1st to 3rd, 2012 the new edition of the pilgrimage from Assisi to Gubbio, on the path that St. Francis walked between February and March of 1206 when, after being stripped oneself of his father's wealth, he decided to move away from Assisi and to reach Gubbio, where he found refuge at the Spadalonga family. He received a rough tunic, probably the prototype of the “saio” (habit).
The walk, like the three previous editions, will be a time of reconciliation. The planned theme for this fourth pilgrimage will be the “Riconciliazione con i fratelli” ("Reconciliation with the brethren").

The first day of 2012 Il Sentiero di Francesco (The Path of Francis) foresee the route Assisi-Valfabbrica, of about 15 km.
Departure on the morning of September 1st, 2012 from Assisi, at 8:00, after the liturgy in the diocese of Assisi and the visit to the tomb of St. Francis. The first day of the pilgrimage will start from Porta San Giacomo and then get to Valfabbrica around 16:00, where the pilgrims, after a meeting at the Church of San Sebastiano with prof. Giovanni Mazzotta, who will talk about the experience of reconciliation with the brothers helped by two witnesses, will find a moment of conviviality around a table A table set with food and drinks.

On the second day, September 2nd, 2012, ranging from Valfabbrica to the hermitage of San Pietro in Vigneto, 10,5 km.
Leaving at 7:30 in the direction Caprignone (arrival at 12:00) and from there to the hermitage (16:30 approx.). The day will end with another moment of reflection and prayer.

The last stage of the pilgrimage, September 3rd, 2012, will be the San Pietro in Vigneto-Gubbio, 14 km.
After a passage at the Vallingegno Abbey, expected to arrive at the little church of the Vittorina of Gubbio, the meeting place of the Saint and the Wolf (16:00). From 18:00, Church of San Francesco, Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Gubbio and delivery of the message of the Franciscan Families to the participants of the pilgrimage. Will conclude the fourth edition of Il Sentiero di Francesco a dinner.

You will find attached the flyer with all the details and the programme. For more information, please visit the website

Fabrizio Galeazzi