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PROVINZ: Perugia
VORWAHL: 0742 PLZ: 06030
FLAECHE: 40kmq
EINWOHNER: valtopinesi
FESTTAG: 20 maggio
PATRON: San Bernardino

As seems evident from a toponymical analysis of its name, Valtopina, which, in ancient times was perhaps called "Cerqua", springs up along the valley of the Topino river between Foligno and Nocera Umbra. The first records which testify to the existence of a settlement go back to a few years before the year 1000; from then on, the town has shared the fate of the neighbouring townships, passing under the dominion of Assisi in 1282 and in 1383 under the lordship of the Trinci family of Foligno.

im Vordergrund - Foligno umgebung