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Todi umgebung

  1. Collazzone

    Collazzone The origin of Collazzone has to be found at the time at which Attone or Azzone, came here and stayed here under the benefits of the Spoleto dukes. Once the protection of Spoleto ended, the castle of Collazzone started to feel the pressure of the neighbouring town of Todi, which took it over on 1220.On 1330, 500 knights and 8000 infantry soldiers moved to the castle in order to declare war to... Details
  2. Fratta Todina

    Fratta Todina Fratta Todina , the original name of Tudernum was given by Plinio to this village, which is one of the smallest of the entire region. For its favourable position, the village, was sought by Todi and Perugia, which were interested in controlling the lands beyond the Tevere river.Although Perugia won on 1310 the Montemolino battle, Fratta Todina always stayed under the influence of Todi and its... Details
  3. Marsciano

    Marsciano The name of Marsciano first appears in the literature on 1004, but the real origins of the village, as it is the case for all the other villages founded after the barbaric invasions, are not known.The Bulgarellis, a longobard family, owned the village as a feud, on the XII century, and yielded it towards Perugia on 1281 to impeed Todi conquering the village. As it happened for other villages,... Details
  4. Massa Martana

    massa_martana The particularity of the place where Massa Martana is situated is its rich mediterrean forest. The village started to be habitated around 220 b.C, when the Flaminia way was constructed.The presence of ancient romans is confirmed by the Fonnaia Bridge, dated III century b.C. Close to the village it is possible to visit the marvelous christian catacombs realized around the III-V century a.D.... Details
  5. Monte Castello di Vibio

    Monte Castello di Vibio The name of Monte Castello di Vibio comes from "gens Vibia", a noble roman family, however, the village origins have to be found before the romans.Today, the castle still dominates the village and the river Tevere which slides below. Due to its position, the close Todi always aimed to conquer it, and in fact Todi was able to conquer Montecastello di Vibio, however, to keep it and avoid revolts,... Details
  6. Todi

    Todi There are several theories on the origin of the name: the word Todi or from the etrurian "tudicolare", or even from "tutus" ("a fortified place").Beside the legends about the origins of Todi, the town was founded by the Umbrian people on 2700 before Christ. Later on, before the etrurians and after the romans held the power of the town, and building up a number of monuments, most of which can... Details

Todi umgebung : sehenswuerdigkeiten

  1. Teatro Comunale di Todi
    Stadttheater von Todi
    Typologie: Teatri 
    The Municipal Theater of Todi was designed by architect Charles Gatteschi and inauguratedin 1876 with the work of Giuseppe Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera." The Theatre to its interior...

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