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Spoleto umgebung

  1. Campello sul Clitunno

    Campello sul Clitunno The town of Campello sul Clitunno is to be found at about 10 km north of Spoleto. Its fame is due more to the bucolic atmosphere of its springs, descrived in the past by poets as important as Vergil and Carducci, than to its artistic works or to the fortified town of Campello Alto.The small Temple of Clitunno (or church of St. Salvatore) is situated near the springs; it is of paleocristian... Details
  2. Castel Ritaldi

    Castel Ritaldi Taking the road from Spoleto to Montefalco, one finds the town of Castel Ritaldi, which, obviously, even if it is not to to be compared with other larger towns of the region as regards works of art, is not without buildings of a certain artistic interest. In fact, other than the castle, one should not forget to visit the parochial church of St. Marina, the church of St. Nicola, the church of... Details
  3. Giano dell'Umbria

    Giano dell'Umbria Giano dell'Umbria was erected in the 11th century in the region called "Normandia" because of the Norman stationment when these attacked the Duchy of Spoleto. After the destruction brought about by the Ghibellini ( 1435), the town was ceded to the lords Trinci of Foligno, afterwards it became a free comune and finally was subject to the Papal State. Any tourist who has decided to abbandon the... Details
  4. Spoleto

    Spoleto Spoleto, even if shows evident traces of the Roman era even in its urban structure, substantially mantains a medieval appearance, due to the period in which it was first a flourishing longobard Duchy, and then an important city within the Papal State.The Arch of Drusus (23 A.C.) to be found near the Romanic church of St. Ansano , the Roman theater, whose construction goes back to the first... Details

Spoleto umgebung : sehenswuerdigkeiten

  1. san_pietro
    Basilika St. Peter
    Typologie: Religione e Spiritualità 
    Although the origins of the Basilica of St. Peter go back to the 5th century, the present appearance of the building is definitely the result of interventions during the 12th century on the facade...
  2. giancarlo_menotti
    Giancarlo Menotti
    Typologie: Arte e Cultura 
    Giancarlo Menotti, celebre compositore e librettista, oltre che fondatore del Festival di Spoleto, nasce a Cadegliano-Vigonago (Va) nel 1911, e sin da piccolo manifesta la sua passione per la musica...
  3. san_salvatore
    Kirche St. Salvatore
    Typologie: Religione e Spiritualità 
    The Church of St. Salvatore, the most ancient church in Spoleto, is an interesting monument whose origins go back to the the IV - V century. The ornaments of the doors and the windows were imitated...
  4. crocefisso_maestro_sant'alo
    Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto (Städtische Galerie)
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    This very particular portable crucifix, tempera on a table of 39x49 cm, was realized by the Maestro of St.Alò and can be admired in the Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto. The history of this object...
  5. Teatro Nuovo Spoleto
    Experimentelle operntheater A. Belli
    Typologie: Teatri 
    In 1947 the musicologist Adriano Belli founded the Spoleto Opera Theatre with the aim of promoting the profession of opera for young people with skills and opera lovers. This is...
  6. Museo Nazionale del Ducato di Spoleto
    Nationalmuseum des Herzogtums von Spoleto
    Typologie: Musei e Gallerie Arte 
    The National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto, which opened August 3, 2007 (the original design dates back to 1982), headquartered in the Rocca Albornoz, placedin a prominent position above...
  7. Teatro Caio Melisso Spoleto
    Caio Melisso Theater
    Typologie: Teatri 
    The Noble Theatre of Spoleto was built in 1600 with a wooden structure wascompletely renovated and enlarged in 1800 (now has 300 seats) and  named Teatro Caio Melisso in honor of...

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