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PROVINZ: Perugia
VORWAHL: 0743 PLZ: 06040
FLAECHE: 40kmq
FESTTAG: 17 gennaio
PATRON: Sant'Antonio Abate

Poggiodomo is situated close to the town of Monteleone on a natural peak at 974 meters above sea level which precipates on the valley below. This town is of the region's smallest, and its main industry is agriculture. The village has always been under the dominion of other neighbouring towns, and therefore its history is not different from these others: during various times, it was destroyed by earthquakes and barbarian invasions. It was defended during the Middle Ages by the more important families; the Papal State did the rest. 

In fact, it was during the papacy of Urban VIII that the village experienced its period of major splendour. The village's sole church is that of St.Peter, which contains interesting painting cycles, such as frescoes dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The village of Usigni, which is to be found not far from Monteleone, is worth a visit because of its beautiful baroque church of St. Salvatore.

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