Pinacoteca Comunale In Spoleto (städtische Galerie)

Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto (Städtische Galerie)

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Adresse : Via del Municipio, 1 - Spoleto
Telefon: (+39) 0743 45940


This very particular portable crucifix, tempera on a table of 39x49 cm, was realized by the Maestro of St.Alò and can be admired in the Pinacoteca Comunale in Spoleto. The history of this object can be built as follows: Gregory IX, was elected Pope in 1227, he was nourishing a particular affection for the Benedictine Sisters of St. Paolo; he consecrated again their church in 1234 and gave them precious relics, that were kept in the recesses of this reliquary of which the Sisters always took good care. The Crucifix is painted on two sides; on the front the Christ is surrounded by soldiers, on the lateral tables are represented the Madonna and St. Giovanni; at the feet of the Christ there is St. Claire, the ogee moulding has a long inscription, that continues going around the protection element of the recess aimed at keeping a small silver cross. On the back the Christ is presented collapsing from the cross, St.Paolo, St.Pietro and St.Giovanni Battista; on the tables are also represented the Madonna and St.Giovanni; at the feet of the Christ there is St.Francesco; on the ogee moulding two Angels with some torches are watching over the relics kept in the apposite recess. On the border of the object there is a stamping made of a double line of points with small stars inside.