Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

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The Palazzo Ducale was built after 1470 following the arrival of Federico da Montefeltro and is the expression of a lifestyle ispired from the humanistic civilizaion.

L. Laurana, worked on it under the power of Federico between 1467 and 1472. Therefore, the initials FD (Federicus Dux), which can be read in several parts of the building , date after the 1474, when Montefeltro was named duke, and this would confirm that the palace was built when the architect was already working at the Naples Court.
However, it is possible that Francesco di Giorgio Martini, the other master architect woking for Federico at that time, completed the project and the design conceived by Laurana. 

Very interisting the inner yard hall which remind a bit, although in smaller scale, the palaces and yards of Urbino; without any doubt, once finished, the palace was marvelous also in the ornaments. 
The study of the duke, today at the Metropilitan Museum of New York, was of wood panels well inlaid and covered the walls up to a hight of m.2,68; today it is possble to admire the beautiful inlays of the door, the square-cell ceiling, the marble fireplace and the tiled roof. 
The palace today is a museum and exhibition area and belongs to the italian agency for architectural and archeological patrimony.