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PROVINZ: Perugia
VORWAHL: 075 PLZ: 06050
FLAECHE: 56kmq
EINWOHNER: collazzonesi
FESTTAG: 10 agosto
PATRON: San Lorenzo

The origin of Collazzone has to be found at the time at which Attone or Azzone, came here and stayed here under the benefits of the Spoleto dukes. Once the protection of Spoleto ended, the castle of Collazzone started to feel the pressure of the neighbouring town of Todi, which took it over on 1220.

On 1330, 500 knights and 8000 infantry soldiers moved to the castle in order to declare war to Todi. Under the power of Eugenio IV, the castle was fortified by Malatesta and by Giovan Paolo Baglioni, whose family held it until 1647, at which time it turned over to the pope. The village still has the old town walls and the tipical streets of a middle-age village. Among the main monouments to be reminded is the convent of San Lorenzo, once a benedectin abbey , the curch consacrated to the same saint, which has at his interior a marvelous wood Virgin with the Child dated around the XIV century. The curches of San Michele and the town hall are also remarkable.

im Vordergrund - Todi umgebung