Il Vigneto

Colle Marozzo, 27 Loc. Frazione di Eggi - 06049 - Spoleto (PG)
Typologie: Bauernhöfe
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History of this country farm begins two centuries ago.Il Vigneto, located at the top of the hill of Colle Marozzo, 400 mt. high, in the past has been owned by several religious orders
and was a place of rest and care for the nuns in sickness, as has always been considered a place with a dry and ventilated climate.In the middle of '800 the house becomes part of the assets of the "Congregation of Charity".
Giovanni Battista Leonetti Luparini, agricultural engineer, at the end of the century, bought the house together with land around it,
improving crops, diversifying them and entrusting the management to Scarabottini family first and then, until now, to the Marchi family,
improving and increasing the production of wine and oil.The farmhouse has kept intact its size and structure, while inside were introduced all the improvements necessary to make it suited
to the new tourism and hospitality functions.It is so continued, by grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the work of his grandfather and
great-grandfather Giovanni Battista Leonetti Luparini.Services
We are happy to welcome you, our philosophy is hospitality.Il Vigneto, seen from outside Il Vigneto, seen from outside Il Vigneto, seen from outside Il Vigneto, seen from outsideWe believe in a quality and strong attention to details service, in a simple and ancient athmosphere.
We love freshness and authenticity of the products of our land: with buffet breakfast you have the opportunity to rediscover
the pleasure of cakes and homemade breads, a fresh egg and all those simple and genuine things.
We are available and we like to take care of you: you can choise, if you're interested, to have lunch or dinner here.Inside and outside all is available: old cypresses garden, the vines, lounge with fireplace...In the library you will find several books and a nice collection of films; every morning main newspapers arrive on time.
In the garden you can relax, sip wine and sample the delights of the barbecue. There are several routes to choose for footing
or horseback riding. One of our vehicle will bring to the train station of SPOLETO who is arriving or departing.At your request, you can participate in a tasting of Italian wines selected by us and our production wines:
- Bianco, white, a typical one from Spoleto area, dry, still, very full-bodied and understood in both color and flavor.
- Rosso, red: the pleasantness of Sangiovese, combined in equal measure with the aroma of a good merlot and the flavor of an elderly cabernet.What we think about: pets? Yes! smokers? Yes! (but in the garden only pleaseRooms
Four nice rooms will wait for you in Spoleto.
All rooms are complete with bath, sheets and hairdryer. Wi-fi connection is available in all the house.
Pets are allowed and welcome.
Double room with an ancient bed in "ferro battuto".
Large and lightly double room with a single bed.
Nice and unique double room with a single bed.
Double room with particular 50's beds.
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  • Tastings in der Kellerei und Ölmühle
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  • Restaurant
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  • Bed and breakfast
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